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    Mastalerek Speaks Out on the ‘Affair’ Surrounding Pietrzak’s Comments: Targeting the Success of Telewizja Republika

    Marcin Mastalerek, the Head of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Poland, shared his perspective on what he considers to be the real target behind the controversy surrounding Jan Pietrzak’s remarks – Telewizja Republika’s success and extensive viewership. Mastalerek argued that the primary goal is to tarnish the image of the television network among the public.

    Addressing the so-called scandal involving Jan Pietrzak’s critical comments about Germans on Telewizja Republika, Mastalerek expressed his belief that instead of resorting to legal threats, Minister Adam Bodnar should exercise freedom of speech by coming to the studio and criticizing the statement directly, as Mastalerek himself did.

    “Telewizja Republika stands on the side of freedom of speech, while Minister Bodnar is not, to put it delicately. The fact that I was invited here and asked about this matter best illustrates freedom of speech and discussion. It is not surprising to you, after all, that the president has a completely different opinion on this matter. The president didn’t like Jan Pietrzak’s words, and he is outraged by them. But that’s precisely what freedom of speech is about – not unleashing a prosecutor on someone because Mr. Jan Pietrzak said it or against Telewizja Republika. Mr. Adam Bodnar could come here and express himself just like I did, considering the mentioned statement as ‘foolish,'” he said.

    The controversial statement by Pietrzak prompted Minister Adam Bodnar to order an investigation into the matter. Mastalerek, in a conversation with Katarzyna Gójska, emphasized that Telewizja Republika stands for freedom of speech, contrasting it with what he perceives as a lack of such stance from Minister Bodnar. He highlighted the invitation extended to him to discuss the issue, underscoring the freedom of speech and open dialogue prevalent at the network. According to Mastalerek, President Andrzej Duda may not agree with Pietrzak’s words, but that is the essence of freedom of speech – differing opinions without resorting to legal actions.

    Mastalerek criticized the Justice Minister for seemingly focusing not just on Pietrzak’s remarks but on the significant success of Telewizja Republika. He argued that the attention is directed towards painting the network in a negative light, discouraging people from associating with it due to the controversial statements made.

    “In essence, it’s about Telewizja Republika’s success, the fact that it has achieved tremendous viewership. The goal is to repel people by saying, ‘It’s shameful to be associated with this network because of these words,'” Mastalerek concluded.

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