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    Michał Probierz: “We haven’t said our last word here”

    After a 1-2 loss to the Netherlands in Hamburg, Polish coach Michał Probierz emphasized the need for “savvy” play in the final moments. “We haven’t said our last word here,” he stated, expressing optimism for the future. Probierz assured that Robert Lewandowski and Paweł Dawidowicz should be ready for the upcoming match against Austria.

    Despite the defeat, Probierz remains positive. He encouraged his players to keep their heads up, noting the team’s aggressive and well-organized play. “We didn’t back down and managed different phases of the game well,” he said. The coach highlighted the lack of tactical acumen in the closing moments but took collective responsibility for the loss.

    Poland’s next match is on June 21 in Berlin against Austria. Probierz hopes the return of key players will boost the team. He also plans to analyze Austria’s game against France to prepare effectively.

    Probierz thanked the fans for their support in Hamburg and addressed a pre-match incident with Dutch coach Ronald Koeman, clarifying it as a non-issue. He remains focused on improving the team’s performance in the upcoming matches.

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