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    Minister of Defense reveals intelligence services broke up spy network

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    Mariusz Blaszczak, Poland’s defence minister, affirmed on Thursday that the nation’s intelligence services had dismantled a spy network working for Russia.

    RMF FM reported on Wednesday that the security services had dismantled a Russian-backed spy ring that was allegedly planning sabotage attacks on railway lines.

    “Allow me to announce the huge success achieved by the Internal Security Agency (ABW), as the entire spy network has been broken up,” Blaszczak told Polish Radio One on Thursday.

    He stated that the Polish services had been functioning competently to ensure Poland’s safety. Additionally, he mentioned that a collective had been gathering data concerning those who had assaulted Ukraine. Moreover, he proffered that the peril was genuine.

    According to RMF FM, those apprehended were foreigners from beyond Poland’s eastern frontier and were allegedly employed by Russian intelligence.

    “ABW agents arrested them as they had learned that the group had installed cameras beside railway junctions and important transport routes to monitor rail traffic and transmit images to the internet,” the radio station reported.

    RMF FM reported that security cameras had been placed near the Rzeszow-Jasionka airport in the Podkarpackie province of south-eastern Poland. This airport is a key logistics center for the supply of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.


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