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    NASK Joins EPIQUE Project for Photonic Quantum Computing

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    In a groundbreaking initiative, the National Research Institute NASK has become a key partner in the European project EPIQUE, aimed at developing a quantum computer based on photonics. The EPIQUE project, part of the Quantum Flagship initiative launched by the European Commission, has received over €10 million in funding to explore the potential of photonic technologies in creating quantum computers.

    Embarking on Photonic Quantum Exploration

    EPIQUE (European Photonic Quantum Computer) stands out among six projects striving to bring a European quantum computer to life. With a budget of approximately €1 billion, the initiative is led by the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and comprises 18 partners from 12 countries. NASK, representing Poland, joins forces with three research centers each from Italy, France, and Germany, alongside institutions from Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Portugal, and Denmark.

    Pioneering Quantum Frontiers

    Quantum computing is still in the prototype stage, with multiple developmental pathways identified by scientists. EPIQUE’s focus on photonic solutions, using photons as qubits, positions it as a pioneering venture in the quest for quantum supremacy.

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