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    New Documentary Episode “Reset: Georgia. Shots at Presidents” Sheds Light on Poland’s Prior Prorussian Policy

    This Saturday, September 9th, at 8:00 PM, Telewizja Republika is set to premiere the fifth episode of the documentary series “Reset” titled “Georgia. Shots at Presidents.” The episode delves into the 2008 visit of the Presidents of Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, and the Prime Minister of Latvia to Georgia. “Reset” reveals the behind-the-scenes intricacies of the pro-Russian policy of Poland’s Civic Platform (PO) and the dynamics of the Polish-Russian so-called “reset” from 2007 to 2015. The script and direction of the series are helmed by Prof. Sławomir Cenckiewicz, the director of the Central Military Archives, and journalist Michał Rachoń. This broadcast marks a rerun of the first season previously aired on Telewizja Polska.

    At that time, Poland was one of the first nations to extend a form of absolution to the Russian Federation after the Georgian war. It did so by welcoming Sergey Lavrov less than a month after the aggression, greeting him with full honours. As recently stated by journalist Michał Rachoń on Telewizja Republika, “Poland was a country that, after the Georgia war, was the first to grant such a peculiar absolution to the Russian Federation by receiving Sergey Lavrov in less than a month after the aggression, welcoming him to Poland with all honours.”

    The fifth episode will also touch upon an event that has become a historical landmark known as the “plane war.”

    The documentary series “Reset” has been receiving considerable attention for its in-depth exploration of the complex geopolitical manoeuvres and policies that shaped Poland’s relationship with Russia during the specified years. The series aims to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the political decisions and strategies that influenced Poland’s foreign policy choices during this period.

    With its unique blend of archival footage, interviews with key figures, and expert analysis, “Reset” offers a compelling look into the intricacies of international diplomacy and the challenges faced by Poland as it navigated its relations with Russia.

    The premiere of the fifth episode is scheduled for Saturday, September 9th, at 8:00 PM, and will undoubtedly offer viewers a fresh perspective on a critical moment in Polish history. For those who miss the initial broadcast, there will be a re-airing of the episode on Sunday, September 10th, at 1:15 PM.

    “Reset” continues to be a valuable resource for those interested in the recent history of Poland’s foreign policy and its interactions with Russia. As the series unfolds, it sheds light on the complexities and nuances of international relations, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the geopolitical landscape. Be sure not to miss this insightful episode that promises to be both informative and thought-provoking.

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