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    New Protest by Carriers on the Road to Dorohusk Today

    At 2:00 PM on Monday, Polish carriers are set to initiate a fresh protest on the access road to the Dorohusk border. Presently, the queue comprises over 2,000 Ukrainian trucks.

    The passage capacity at the Dorohusk border stands at approximately 650 trucks per day. Hence, it’s easy to calculate that roughly twice the number of drivers will find themselves ensnared in this queue trap compared to the previous protest.

    The mayor dissolved the protest; the court annulled the decision

    The carrier protest ongoing since November 6th in front of the Dorohusk crossing was dissolved last Monday by the mayor of Wojciech Sawa’s municipality. Simultaneously, carriers submitted a fresh request for a new assembly from December 18th to March 8th. The Lublin District Court annulled the mayor’s decision.

    Demands of the protesters

    Carriers are demanding, among other things, the introduction of commercial permits for Ukrainian companies to transport goods, excluding humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian military; suspension of licenses for firms established after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and their inspection. There’s also a demand concerning the abolition of the so-called electronic queue on the Ukrainian side.

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