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    New Regulations Grant Municipal Guards Enhanced Powers for Regulating Personal Mobility Devices

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    Since Friday, October 20th, a new regulation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration has bestowed increased punitive powers upon municipal guards regarding the use of bicycles, e-scooters, and personal mobility devices (PMDs). Individuals caught riding these vehicles without the proper permissions may now face fines of up to 200 PLN (Polish złoty) issued by the guards, with the possibility of a 1,500 PLN fine imposed by a court.

    Stricter Rules for Riders

    Sławomir Smyk, a municipal guard in Warsaw, explained that municipal guards are now authorized to issue fines to individuals riding bicycles, e-scooters, or PMDs on public roads, residential zones, or traffic areas. The regulation sets a fine range of 50 to 200 PLN for this offense. Court-imposed fines can go up to 1,500 PLN. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult when riding, while individuals aged 10 to 18 require a bike license or one of several specified driving licenses. Adults only need their ID.

    Teenagers aged 17 to 18 without the necessary bike license may face penalties, as the legal code considers those over 17 responsible for offenses. Guards can also fine riders for using these devices along pedestrian walkways or crosswalks, with fines ranging from 50 to 100 PLN.

    Changes in Municipal Guard Authority

    With the recent amendment, municipal guards can now penalize those lacking the authorization to operate motorized vehicles on public roads, residential zones, or traffic areas. However, in such cases, the police must be summoned.

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