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    New Toll-Free Highways in Poland

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    Starting from July 1st, Poland introduces new regulations aimed at improving road safety and reducing traffic incidents. Among the significant changes, the most notable is the elimination of tolls on two major highways managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways

    The decision to remove tolls on the Konin-Stryków section of the A2 and the Wrocław-Sośnica section of the A4 highways is expected to have a positive impact on road safety. By eliminating toll charges, a significant portion of transit traffic is anticipated to divert to these toll-free highways.

    Shorter Penalty Point Duration and Driver Courses

    Poland has witnessed a high number of accidents and fatalities on single-carriageway, two-way roads, accounting for approximately 80% of fatal accidents. To address this issue, the Ministry of Infrastructure has introduced new regulations that prohibit overtaking of heavy vehicles, except in cases where the overtaken vehicle is traveling significantly below the allowed speed limit on expressways and highways.

    Another noteworthy change introduced under the new amendment to the Road Traffic Act is the reduction of penalty point expiration from two years to one year, effective from September 17th. Additionally, the amendment allows for the reduction of penalty points through driver courses conducted by the Voivodeship Road Traffic Centers. These courses, lasting six hours, are estimated to cost around 500 Polish złoty.

    From July 1st, several administrative fees, such as those for recovering lost driving licenses, issuing license plates, and exchanging indefinite driving licenses, are no longer applicable. This change aims to streamline procedures and reduce financial burdens for drivers.

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