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    Orlen Tests Poland’s First Hydrogen-Powered Locomotive

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    In a significant move towards sustainable transportation, Orlen, a major Polish energy company, has commenced testing Poland’s first hydrogen-powered locomotive. This locomotive, equipped with a hydrogen storage capacity of 175 kg, represents a significant leap into the future of eco-friendly rail transport.

    The initial trial run took place on the Gdynia to Hel route, with plans for the hydrogen-powered shunting locomotive to operate at the Płock Production Plant in the long run.

    The locomotive’s traction system includes two 85 kW fuel cells, a battery, and four traction motors. Orlen’s agreement with Pesa Bydgoszcz, the locomotive’s manufacturer, also includes a four-year service package, covering routine maintenance and potential repairs.

    Daniel Obajtek, President of Orlen, emphasized the company’s commitment to long-term development and strengthening Poland’s energy security through strategic business endeavors. He highlighted the importance of alternative fuels, particularly hydrogen, in shaping the future of transportation.

    Orlen envisions the hydrogenation of its locomotive fleet at the Płock Production Plant and other locations, with plans for expanding the hydrogen fueling station network for railway vehicles. Their strategy includes a 7.4 billion PLN investment in hydrogen technologies by 2030, leveraging renewable energy sources and municipal waste-to-hydrogen conversion.

    This ambitious initiative not only propels Orlen into the forefront of hydrogen-powered locomotives but also underscores their dedication to sustainable, zero-emission public transportation. The development of readily accessible hydrogen refueling stations, both in Poland and abroad, aligns with their forward-looking vision for a greener future.

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