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    Our Advent Calendar 2022. Day 2: All the colours of Advent

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    Advent is always associated with the purple colour, but it is not the only so-called colour of Advent. Colours such as green, red, pink, and gold are also prevalent while awaiting Christmas. 

    The colour of wisdom

    The colour purple is directly associated with the Church. Priests wear purple chasubles during Advent. According to the liturgy, this colour is a sign of solemnity, and repentance that leads to conversion and expectation full of hope. Purple also signifies wisdom and with this, however, it is most often associated. 

    Pink as once in a blue moon colour

    The colour pink is only used twice a year in the Catholic Church, on the fourth Sunday of Lent and precisely on the third Sunday of Advent. Pink is a symbol of the dawn and is, therefore, associated with joyfulness. 

    Despite the association of pink with Advent, it is not very often used in Christmas decorations. Red definitely dominates. 

    Colour full of hope 

    Green is the most common colour in Advent. Wreaths and table decorations are always made of green branches. The wreaths are decorated with four candles, which symbolise Advent Sundays. Sometimes the wreaths are decorated with various Christmas ornaments instead of candles, usually in shades of red, silver or gold. These can also be hung on doors. 

    Another green accent during the festive season is, of course, the Christmas tree. Whether live or artificial, it is always a must-have at home for the Christmas season. But we will write about traditional Christmas decorations in Poland another time as part of Our Advent Calendar 2022. 

    The colour of love

    Another Advent colour is red. This colour is prevalent in the run-up to Christmas, as it symbolizes power and love. This colour also has a pre-Christian meaning. Centuries ago, this colour symbolized fire and the sun and was intended to ward off demons. According to the Christian faith, the inclusion of red elements on Christmas decorations is meant to remind us of God’s love for man. 

    Luxurious gold

    Golden decorations match those in shades of red, green, and even purple. In Poland, they began to gain popularity in the 1990s, as they were then identified with luxury. At the time, Poles were craving for colour and glamour, hence gold decorations provided that for them. The golden colour symbolizes light, heaven, and majesty.

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