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    Over 200 students from Podlaskie primary schools honoured for excellence in subject competitions

    More than 200 students from primary schools in the Podlaskie region of Poland were awarded during a ceremony held last Monday to honour their achievements in subject competitions. The ceremony marked the end of the 2022/2023 school year competitions, which selected 209 winners across 13 different subjects.

    The Deputy Minister of Education, Dariusz Piontkowski, highlighted the importance of nurturing students’ passions and encouraging them to pursue knowledge. He thanked teachers, parents, and the Podlaskie Regional Education Authority for their efforts in promoting education and congratulated the students on their achievements.

    The event was held at Primary School No. 24 in Białystok, with nearly 13,000 students from primary schools in the Podlaskie region participating in the competition. Approximately 20 students received more than one title, and 132 received the finalist title. Piontkowski emphasized the role of teachers in inspiring students to engage in learning and develop their interests, emphasizing that talent alone is not enough, but hard work is also necessary.

    Podlaskie Voivode, Bohdan Paszkowski congratulated the winners and hoped that their achievements would contribute to raising the level of education and civic engagement in Poland. Beata Pietruszka, the Podlaskie Regional Education Authority’s curator, reported that the competition for English, mathematics, and Polish subjects had the most significant number of participants. She also announced that Laura Sobiecka, a student from Primary School No. 50 in Białystok, won five titles in geography, history, English, German, and Polish, making her the most awarded student in the competition.

    The ceremony ended with a message from Piontkowski, who encouraged the students to continue developing their interests and pursuing knowledge. He thanked the participants, their families, and the education authorities for supporting education in the region. The event highlighted the importance of education, the efforts of students and educators, and the significance of promoting knowledge and skills to prepare students for adulthood.

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