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    Over Half of Poles Against Scrapping Homework

    A recent survey by United Surveys for “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” and RMF FM reveals that 54 percent of Poles oppose the elimination of homework in schools. The Ministry of National Education (MEN) introduced a new regulation this month, making homework optional in primary schools, except for exercises targeting fine motor skills in grades one through three.

    Survey respondents were asked if they supported the idea of eliminating homework from April onwards. Results indicate that just over 54 percent are against it, with 30.8 percent strongly opposed. Conversely, almost 41 percent approve of the MEN’s decision, but only 27 percent strongly support it. Fewer than 5 percent were undecided.

    Optional Homework in Polish Primary Schools

    The new regulation, signed by Minister of Education Barbara Nowacka on March 22, states that homework in primary schools, excluding fine motor skill exercises in grades one through three, will no longer be mandatory. In grades four through eight, teachers may assign homework, but completion will be optional.

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