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    Pandora Gate: YouTuber Stuu Detained in the UK

    The Warsaw prosecutor’s office has initiated efforts to extradite the YouTuber to the Polish authorities, as announced by Ziobro. He also emphasized that Stuu could face a sentence of up to 15 years in prison for sexual offenses against minors.

    The Polish police revealed on Platform X that they have maintained continuous contact with their counterparts in the United Kingdom, leading to the identification of Stuu’s whereabouts. The issuance of an arrest warrant yesterday facilitated his apprehension, they stated.

    Yesterday, the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office applied to the Warsaw District Court for temporary detention of the influencer, and the court granted this request. Previously, the YouTuber was formally charged, as disclosed by Deputy Minister of Justice Piotr Cieplucha.

    Unraveling Pandora Gate

    The Pandora Gate pedophilia scandal within the Polish YouTuber community erupted following the release of a video by Sylwester Wardęga. In his video, he presented screen captures of conversations, interviews, and video recordings that appeared to suggest pedophilic behaviors by Stuu.

    According to content shared by YouTuber Konopskyy, Stuu allegedly regularly invited girls under the age of 15 to his residence. He was also seen engaging in intimate activities with a 13-year-old teenager. The teenager emphasized that Stuu was fully aware that she was underage, which constituted a violation of Polish consent laws.

    Another 15-year-old girl was reported to have resided with Stuu for a month. Today, the now 24-year-old woman divulged receiving sexually suggestive messages from the YouTuber. She also claimed that he covertly captured images of her. “I have no idea what kind of surreptitious photos he took of me, and it terrifies me,” the woman admitted. Stuu was also accused of pressuring her to sleep without clothing in the same bed.

    Following the release of these videos, Deputy Minister of Justice Piotr Cieplucha informed the National Prosecutor’s Office of the potential commission of prohibited pedophilic acts. On Wednesday, Cieplucha reported the questioning of witnesses in this case. He has revealed the extensive scale of the disturbing sexual exploitation of minors within the YouTuber community. Holding the perpetrators accountable is merely a matter of time, said the Deputy Minister of Justice. He also added that searches of residences in Warsaw and Szczecin led to the discovery of numerous electronic devices, including social media content, computers, laptops, phones, hard drives, and external storage devices.

    On Thursday, reports circulated that one of the YouTubers connected to Pandora Gate had been detained in the UK. Moreover, it was online rumors about an assault that appeared thereafter.

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