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    PKO Bank Polski Showcases Financial Innovations at Singapore Fintech Festival

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    A delegation of Polish enterprises, including representatives from PKO Bank Polski, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, and FinTech Poland Foundation, is spearheading the promotion of Polish financial innovations at the prestigious Singapore Fintech Festival under the banner “Future Finance Poland.”

    Poland’s Fintech Prowess Takes Center Stage

    Singapore Fintech Festival, the world’s largest fintech event, witnesses the spotlight on Polish innovations in finance. The “Future Finance Poland” initiative features a national pavilion, inviting participants to explore Poland’s contributions. A parallel event, the Poland ASEAN Fintech Forum, fosters discussions on potential collaborations between Polish and ASEAN business representatives.

    PKO Bank Polski’s Global Endeavor

    PKO Bank Polski’s presence at the Singapore Fintech Festival aims to globally promote the innovation within the Polish financial sector. Marek Myszka, Director of Innovation at PKO Bank Polski, emphasizes the technological advancement of the Polish banking sector, encouraging international collaboration in innovation development.

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