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    PM: Polish natural gas price is one of the lowest in Europe

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    Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister, has said that Poland’s natural gas price is among the lowest in Europe.

    “An average gas price for households in the EU is three times as high,” Morawiecki wrote on Facebook on Friday evening.

    “Thanks to the Law and Justice (PiS) government’s effort, Poland has one of the lowest gas prices in Europe,” Morawiecki said, adding that natural gas was cheaper only in Slovakia, Croatia and Hungary.

    Gas is the most expensive in the Netherlands, where its price is over twice the EU average. Next come to Denmark, Austria, Italy, Estonia and Sweden.

    “We promise that the gas price will only slightly exceed PLN 200 (EUR 42.6) for a megawatt hour (MWh),” Morawiecki said in a message published on social media on Friday evening.

    “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has completely destabilised the energy market. Gas prices have skyrocketed to a never-known record high,” the prime minister continued, adding that the consequences of the war were very difficult for ordinary citizens.

    Morawiecki assured the Polish people that the government had prepared solutions which would ease the effects of ‘Putin inflation,’ and added that gas prices had to be adjusted to the financial capabilities of households.

    “Our government has not left the people alone as we will survive this difficult time only by being united and showing solidarity,” the prime minister concluded.

    Earlier on Friday, the climate minister announced that gas tariffs in Poland would remain at this year’s level for households in 2023, but the overall price would be higher as VAT cuts would no longer be in force.

    Anna Moskwa said on Friday that the government would adopt a relevant bill “within hours.”

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