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    Poland Aims to Land on the Moon by the End of the Decade

    Polish Space Agency (POLSA) President, Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna, revealed exciting plans for Poland’s national space mission during the European Rover Challenge in Kielce. Just over a year ago, they launched a call for concepts for this mission, and the Moon emerged as the most intriguing destination. Prof. Wrochna stated that they are actively working on making this mission a reality.

    When asked about the timeline, Prof. Wrochna confidently announced that they are targeting the end of the decade to land on the Moon. He emphasized the Moon’s significance as a research hub and a stepping stone for future missions, including those to Mars.

    The Polish space industry is poised for substantial growth, with over 400 registered companies in the European Space Agency’s database, including several specializing in space technologies. Prof. Wrochna highlighted how Poland’s membership in ESA over a decade ago catalyzed the country’s space sector development. Investments made in this sector are expected to yield substantial returns, allowing Poland to build its satellites and provide essential observational data for agriculture, forestry, and crisis management.

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