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    Poland Conveys Protest to Ukrainian Ambassador Over UN Comments

    In a swift diplomatic response, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSZ) summoned Ukraine’s Ambassador to Poland, Wasyl Zwarycz, to convey a vehement protest regarding statements made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his address at the United Nations General Assembly. Zelensky’s remarks alleged that certain European Union (EU) member states feigned solidarity while indirectly aiding Russia.

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    The meeting between Ambassador Zwarycz and Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński took place urgently and was characterized by Poland’s firm stance against the accusations made by President Zelensky. Deputy Minister Jabłoński emphasized that Poland categorically rejected the assertion, deeming it both untrue and unwarranted, particularly given Poland’s steadfast support for Ukraine since the onset of the conflict.

    Furthermore, Deputy Minister Jabłoński stressed that pressuring Poland in international forums or resorting to international tribunals was not an appropriate means of resolving disputes between the two countries. He highlighted that Poland’s actions in defense of its farmers were fully compliant with domestic, EU, and international legal frameworks.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSZ) also expressed concerns about recent public statements by Ukrainian officials that appeared to promote a one-sided perspective regarding the complex issue of Ukrainian agricultural exports to neighboring countries. Poland expects Ukraine to align its policies and public communications with the factual nature of Polish-Ukrainian relations, both historical and current. This includes acknowledging the unparalleled assistance provided by Poland and its people to the Ukrainian population and state, as well as the full spectrum of their constructive cooperation.

    The diplomatic exchange underscores the importance of open and honest communication between neighboring nations, especially in times of geopolitical tensions. Poland’s response emphasizes its commitment to defending its national interests within the bounds of international law while continuing to support Ukraine in various ways. It remains to be seen how this diplomatic incident will influence the ongoing relations between Poland and Ukraine in the future.

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