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    Polish army is to operate two reconnaissance satellites built by the French. The Polish satellites will add capabilities to the jointly operated constellation thus multiplying the forces of both countries. After months of negotiations, the defence ministers of Poland and France gave them the go-ahead to deliver the orbital equipment and a receiving station in Poland.

    Coal deliveries have started to almost all municipalities, but coal has not yet been received by about 20 municipalities for various reasons, Deputy State Assets Minister Karol Rabenda announced on Tuesday. As he added, deliveries have already been made to approx. 70 per cent of the ordered coal
    That means that 794,000 tons of the approximately 970,000 tons ordered by municipalities under the Law on Distribution of Coal by Local Governments had been delivered.

    An arctic blast and a massive winter storm swept over much of the United States in the lead-up to the Christmas holiday weekend, forcing U.S. airlines to cancel thousands of flights.

    And now to the story of the Russian attack in Ukraine and the loss the country experiences each day giving away its most precious treasure: the lives of young soldiers who die for their country.


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