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    Poland Seeks Clarification from Belarus Over Recent Border Incident

    The Polish Border Guard has formally requested an explanation from its Belarusian counterparts following a concerning border incident involving a Belarusian soldier.

    On Monday afternoon, an unidentified individual, donned in military attire and a balaclava, brazenly crossed the Polish border in the vicinity of Dubicze Cerkiewne. The trespasser proceeded to make an audacious attempt to sever the border fence with a saw. Fortunately, the intrusion did not go unnoticed, as monitoring systems swiftly captured the unauthorized activity. In response, a Polish patrol unit was dispatched to the scene. However, the infiltrator managed to evade apprehension and fled back into Belarus.

    Anna Michalska, the spokesperson for the Polish Border Guard, disclosed on Wednesday that the commander of the Podlaskie Border Guard had taken action by sending an official letter to their counterparts in the Brest branch of the Belarusian border service. The communication sought to solicit clarification and answers regarding the actions of the Belarusian soldier who had ventured into Polish territory.

    This incident adds to the growing tension along the borders of Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania, who have been voicing their concerns over the mounting migration pressure originating from Belarus. These EU member states allege that Belarusian border guard officials have been actively assisting migrants, predominantly hailing from Africa and the Middle East, in their attempts to cross into the European Union.


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