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    Poland to receive its first shipment of HIMARS rocket launchers on Monday, confirms MoD

    The Law and Justice (PiS) convention held on Saturday saw Mariusz Blaszczak, the head of the Ministry of National Defense, announcing that Poland is set to receive its first shipment of HIMARS light multiple rocket launchers manufactured in the United States on Monday.

    Poland procured 20 HIMARS long-range rocket artillery systems in 2019, including 18 combat and 2 training launchers, for a sum of USD 414 million (EUR 378 million). The Ministry of National Defence has reportedly also inquired about the potential purchase of nearly 500 more launchers, which has been approved by the United States.

    Lockheed Martin’s M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) is a tracked chassis-based, long-range rocket artillery system capable of firing up to 300 km, depending on the type of ammunition used. However, due to the lengthy time required to fulfil potential orders, the Ministry of National Defence decided to acquire 218 K239 Chunmoo launchers from South Korea for USD 3.55 billion (EUR 3.3 billion) last year, as per sources. This move was deemed necessary to meet the requirements of both the US and other countries that had shown interest in the HIMARS system.

    Polish Army set to deploy 32 F-35A fighter jets next year, says MoD

    During the convention, the Minister of National Defence also provided an update on the government’s acquisition of 32 F-35A multi-role fighter aircraft from the United States in 2020. The contract, worth a staggering USD 4.6 billion (EUR 4.2 billion), was confirmed by sources.

    Mariusz Blaszczak, the head of the Ministry of National Defence, revealed during the convention that the Polish Army will start using the 32 F-35A multi-role fighter aircraft procured from the United States in the coming year. As per sources, the pilots have already commenced their training, and Blaszczak stated that he had spoken to them and noticed a glimmer of excitement in their eyes. The new planes are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables network-centricity and facilitates the transfer of intelligence obtained through reconnaissance to other armed forces, thereby enhancing security measures.

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