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    Poland’s 28th Small Science Center ‘SOWA’ Opens in Końskie

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    In a heartwarming ceremony on October 20, 2023, the Końskie Cultural Center in Poland unveiled its own ‘Small Science Center SOWA.’ The event was graced by the presence of Sławomir Adamiec, the Director General of the Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN).

    SOWA, which stands for ‘Strefa Odkrywania, Wyobraźni, Aktywności’ (Zone of Discovery, Imagination, and Activity), is an initiative by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Copernicus Science Center. Its mission is to establish small science centers in towns with populations of up to 150,000. These centers are integrated into existing cultural and educational institutions like community centers, libraries, galleries, and museums, where visitors can explore interactive exhibitions and engage in scientific experiments.

    Sławomir Adamiec emphasized the significance of modernizing educational and cultural infrastructure, particularly in smaller communities, during his address. Końskie’s ‘SOWA’ features a diverse range of interactive exhibits, including mirror drawing, perfect asymmetry, rotating mirrors, quick memory challenges, and more. The ‘Majsternia’ (Workshop) provides space for scientific experiments and puzzle-solving.

    The exhibition, designed by experts from the Copernicus Science Center, offers user-friendly exhibits suitable for all ages. ‘SOWA’ aims to bring the excitement of science closer to local communities, fostering a love for learning.

    If you’re in Poland, be sure to visit a ‘Small Science Center SOWA’ near you. There are currently 28 centers spread across the country, each offering a unique and engaging science experience.

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