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    Poland’s Commitment to Defend Its Borders and Reputation

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    In a recent social media statement, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki expressed unwavering support for the defense of Poland’s borders and the preservation of its reputation. The Prime Minister acknowledged the significant presence of soldiers, border guards, and police officers safeguarding the border with Belarus, particularly in Eastern Poland, where tensions have risen due to illegal border crossings.

    Morawiecki denounced a controversial film titled “Green Border,” stating that it contained audacious falsehoods that foreign audiences, unfamiliar with Poland, might find challenging to verify. He asserted that the film’s purpose was to tarnish Poland’s image in the West and divert attention from Poland’s vital role in assisting Ukraine.

    The Prime Minister emphasized that the reactions on the internet, where the film’s trailer received 40,000 negative ratings against 1,800 positive ones, illustrated that Poles would not be swayed by such manipulations. He reaffirmed Poland’s commitment to defending its borders and preserving its good name on the international stage.

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