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    Poland’s Foreign Minister Firmly Declines Reparations from Germany

    Radosław Sikorski, Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, has announced that Poland will not pursue reparations from Germany, emphasizing the country’s firm stance on the matter. Following discussions with his UK counterpart, Sikorski addressed journalists’ inquiries, shedding light on Poland’s position regarding both reparations and the investigation into the Smolensk disaster.

    During the press briefing, Sikorski refuted allegations concerning the Smolensk investigation, denouncing them as unfounded. He underscored the reinstatement of a Polish report on the incident, which had been removed by the previous administration but reinstated under the current government.

    Regarding reparations, Sikorski made it clear that Poland will not reopen this issue. Citing the Potsdam Conference, he emphasized that the matter had been settled. Sikorski’s resolute stance reflects Poland’s readiness to move forward without seeking financial compensation from Germany.

    In an earlier interview on TVP Info, Sikorski highlighted Germany’s acknowledgment of a moral debt to Poland. While expressing a desire for tangible actions to accompany this acknowledgment, he criticized the previous administration for its lack of action over eight years. Sikorski’s remarks underscore Poland’s expectation for Germany to take responsibility for its historical actions and show genuine remorse.

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