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    Poland’s Parliament Recognizes Silesian Language as Regional Language 

    Polish Parliament passed a law on Friday recognizing the Silesian language as a regional language. With 236 votes in favor, 186 against, and 5 abstentions, the law marks a pivotal moment in acknowledging linguistic diversity within Poland.

    Implications and Provisions

    The inclusion of Silesian alongside Kashubian as a regional language entails various provisions, including optional Silesian language classes in schools, bilingual signage in areas where over 20% of the population speaks Silesian, financial support for activities promoting the language, and representation of Silesian speakers in government bodies.

    The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration and, if approved, will require the assent of President Andrzej Duda. The move comes after the 2021 census revealed significant numbers of individuals identifying as Silesian and using the language in their daily lives, reflecting a growing recognition of Silesian identity and culture.

    Promoting Cultural Heritage

    The recognition of the Silesian language underscores Poland’s commitment to preserving and celebrating its diverse cultural heritage. By embracing linguistic diversity, Poland takes a step forward in fostering inclusivity and respect for all its citizens’ identities and traditions.

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