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    Poland’s Premier Calls for Report on Communist and Soviet-era Losses

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    During the commemoration of the 84th anniversary of the Soviet aggression on Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that Poland is preparing a report detailing the losses inflicted upon the nation by the communists and the Soviet Union. September 17th holds deep symbolic significance in Poland’s history, as it marks the start of Soviet occupation. Morawiecki emphasized that this historical trauma continued for 45 years, with estimates suggesting that up to 10% of Poland’s GDP flowed into the Soviet Union during this period.

    Morawiecki questioned why previous Polish governments had not undertaken the task of documenting and analyzing the wartime losses caused by the communists and the Soviet Union. He stated that this report is in the making and that Poland will be ready with it. He also underscored that today’s Russia remains a totalitarian and imperialistic state.

    Continuing Impact

    The Prime Minister stressed that Russian atrocities did not cease with the fall of the Soviet Union, challenging the belief held by some Western and Polish politicians. He criticized what he referred to as the “gas and resource pact” between Merkel and Putin, accusing Donald Tusk of facilitating this deal to the detriment of Poland and Europe.

    Poland’s endeavor to compile a comprehensive report on the losses endured during the communist and Soviet eras reflects a commitment to historical accuracy and recognition of the enduring impact of these events. Morawiecki’s statements highlight the need for continued awareness of the past while navigating complex international relations in the present.

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