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    Police Department Joins Hands with Caritas for ‘Backpacks Full of Smiles’ Campaign

    As the new school year approaches, purchasing backpacks, books, and school supplies looms for many families. To alleviate this financial strain, the Diocese of Rzeszów’s Caritas has once again organized the “Backpacks Full of Smiles” campaign. Thanks to individual and institutional donors, school kits were prepared, with the Podkarpackie Police Department joining forces for the cause.

    Caritas Diocese of Rzeszów’s initiative, “Backpacks Full of Smiles,” aims to support students from underprivileged families and create conditions for these children to thrive alongside their peers. The collaborative effort between the Diocese and donors ensures that students receive essential school supplies, lightening the financial load on families.

    In a heartwarming gesture, the Podkarpackie Police Department once again demonstrated their commitment to the community. During a meeting with Caritas Diocese of Rzeszów’s Director, Reverend Dr. Piotr Potyrała, the Regional Police Commander of Rzeszów, Chief Inspector Dariusz Matusiak, along with his deputy, Junior Inspector Jacek Juwa, handed over backpacks filled with school essentials.

    Aiding Polish Families in Ukraine:
    This year’s campaign extends its reach to the youngest members of Polish families in Ukraine. The initiative not only equips these children with the necessary tools for learning but also aims to create an environment conducive to their proper integration within their school communities.

    As the school bells ring in the new academic year, the collaboration between the Podkarpackie Police Department and Caritas Diocese of Rzeszów echoes a heartwarming commitment to the well-being and education of underprivileged children. Through efforts like “Backpacks Full of Smiles,” communities come together to ensure that every child embarks on their educational journey with hope and enthusiasm.

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