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    Polish Humanitarian Project Receives Special Recognition at James Dyson Award 2023

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    Polish innovator Piotr Tłuszcz has been awarded the Special Humanitarian Prize in the James Dyson Award 2023 for his project, “The Life Chariot.” This off-road medical evacuation trailer proved crucial for rescuers in Ukraine during the conflict, offering a universal terrain attachment for easy transport of the injured.

    International Grand Prize – The Golden Capsule, Team: Yujin Chae, Daeyeon Kim, Yeonghwan Shin, and Yuan Bai

    The team from Korea secured the International Grand Prize for “The Golden Capsule,” a hands-free intravenous infusion device designed for disaster scenarios. Utilizing elasticity and pressure differentials, it provides a practical solution for medical professionals evacuating patients in crisis areas.

    Sustainable Development Category Winner – E-COATING, Creators: Hoi Fung Ronaldo Chan and Can Jovial Xiao

    Hong Kong’s team claimed victory in the Sustainable Development category with “E-COATING,” an eco-friendly coating made from recycled glass. Applied to external building surfaces, it reflects sunlight, reducing the need for air conditioning and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

    Sir James Dyson praised the winners for their innovative solutions, emphasizing the potential positive impact on global challenges. The awarded funds will aid further development and implementation of these groundbreaking projects.

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