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    Polish IT Sector Shows Promising Growth and Global Influence

    The IT industry in Poland is rapidly evolving, with significant implications for the country’s economy and its position on the global tech stage. According to a report prepared by Fitch Solutions for the International Trade Administration (ITA), the IT sector’s contribution to Poland’s GDP is expected to increase from 3.5% in 2022 to 4.5% by 2025. This growth trajectory underscores the pivotal role of technology in Poland’s economic landscape.

    In 2024, the Polish IT market is set to reach a record value of $35.061 billion, marking a robust growth phase for the sector. This follows a notable increase in the previous year, where the market value climbed to $29.4 billion, representing a 12.4% rise from 2022. These figures highlight the dynamic expansion and increasing importance of new technologies in the country’s economy.

    However, the optimism reflected by these numbers is tempered by the recognition of challenges that could affect the sector’s stability and long-term development. Michał Górecko, President of BPSC, emphasizes the complexity of the industry’s realities, suggesting a need for careful analysis and cautious forecasting.

    A closer look at the expenditures within the Polish IT sector reveals that services dominate, accounting for $22.77 billion of the spending. This is followed by software at $9.02 billion, reflecting the growing demand for specialized IT services such as technical support, IT infrastructure management, and software customization. Meanwhile, spending on computer hardware, although the smallest segment at approximately $3.08 billion, remains significant for sustaining performance and competitiveness.

    Górecko highlights the unique strength of the Polish IT sector, driven primarily by domestic companies. These firms are not only keeping pace with global trends but are also actively shaping them, often outpacing the market with innovations that appeal to both local and international clients. Their flexibility, high-quality services, and competitive costs make the Polish IT sector a noteworthy player worldwide.

    This sentiment is echoed by Emerging Europe’s assessment, which ranks Poland as the second most attractive market globally for IT outsourcing services. This favorable climate for technology development further solidifies Poland’s standing as a burgeoning hub for IT innovation and expertise on the international scene.

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