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    Polish NGOs’ Support for Ukraine: Impact in Numbers and Facts

    The Confederation of Non-Governmental Initiatives of the Republic of Poland has released a comprehensive report outlining the involvement of Polish non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in supporting Ukrainians throughout Russia’s full-scale invasion. Presented in Kyiv on December 7, the report sheds light on the tangible contributions of Polish NGOs, emphasizing the enduring partnership between Poland and Ukraine.

    Support at the Border:
    Over 30 years of advocating for Ukraine’s integration into Western political systems, Poland has actively supported Ukraine, especially during the mass invasion by Russia. Nearly 24 million individuals were registered at the Polish-Ukrainian border from February 24, 2022, to June 30, 2023. Almost 1.5 million people, predominantly women and children, now reside in Poland. Notably, 968,617 Ukrainians with active PESEL numbers benefit from temporary protection in Poland, and approximately 180,000 Ukrainian children attend Polish educational institutions.

    Legal Framework and Aid Initiatives:
    Responding promptly to the unprecedented influx of refugees, Poland adapted its legislation to accommodate their needs. The law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with the armed conflict was enacted on March 12, 2022. This legislation addressed critical issues, such as assigning PESEL numbers, granting work rights without permits, financial and non-financial assistance, educational access, and medical care.

    NGO Contributions:
    Numerous NGOs, including human rights organizations, scouting groups, sports clubs, churches, and self-help entities like Volunteer Fire Brigades, offered legal assistance, education, and various forms of aid to Ukrainian citizens in Poland. The full-scale war in Ukraine prompted an unparalleled unity within Polish civil society, facilitating effective collaboration between NGOs, local government bodies, and other stakeholders.

    Economic and Social Engagement:
    Statistics from Poland’s Central Statistical Office reveal that by the end of March 2022, 29.6% of social economy entities (nearly 28,800) and 29.8% of overall social organizations (just under 29,000) actively engaged in supporting Ukrainians affected by the conflict. These entities collectively contributed material support valued at approximately PLN 511 million and financial aid totaling PLN 140 million.

    Polish Solidarity:
    Polish citizens demonstrated solidarity and a willingness to assist Ukrainians in need, exemplifying the spirit of compassion and cooperation.

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