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    Polish PhD Candidate at the University of Warsaw Contributes to NASA Research

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    Grzegorz Florczyk, a PhD candidate at the University of Warsaw, is developing a new numerical model for the Earth’s lower atmosphere at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California. His work has implications for studying air pollution on Earth and atmospheric dust on Mars.

    Educational Background and Passion for Astrophysics

    Florczyk, who completed his engineering and master’s studies at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, developed an interest in astrophysics and cosmology early in life. During his studies, he focused on measuring greenhouse gases and later delved into the crucial issue of air quality, suspended particles, and atmospheric aerosols.

    NASA Research on Lower Troposphere

    His current project at JPL aligns with his PhD research at the University of Warsaw’s Institute of Geophysics. Florczyk is working on a new numerical model describing the state of the lower troposphere, considering the effects of pollutants such as suspended dust. This model not only aids in Earth’s air quality research but also proves valuable for analyzing atmospheres of other planets, such as Mars.

    Challenges and Achievements in NASA Internship

    Florczyk secured his internship through NASA’s Visiting Student Research Program, involving a complex application process. Despite facing financial challenges for living in California, he received support from the university’s research initiative. The experience at JPL has been rewarding, offering opportunities to collaborate with world-class scientists from diverse backgrounds.

    Skills Beyond Physics

    Florczyk emphasizes the importance of soft skills gained from various projects, including project management, client communication, and networking. He believes these skills, alongside his physics expertise, contribute significantly to his work at NASA.

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