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    Polish PM’s Advisor: Russia Portraying Poland as Threat to Ukraine

    A senior Polish security official has accused Russia of distorting facts to portray Poland as a threat to both Ukraine and Belarus’ security, while attempting to make themselves look like the defender. The official stated that this was an attempt by Russia to create tension in the region.

    On Friday, Stanislaw Zaryn, the government commissioner for the security of information space, released a tweet condemning Russia for manipulating the facts. Zaryn claims that deploying modern weapons in Poland is not a sign of an offensive strategy, but rather a measure of defence. He further refutes Russia’s allegations that Warsaw is taking steps to realize military objectives.

    Zaryn has suggested that the Kremlin’s propaganda is driven by the desire to justify their invasion of Ukraine, while simultaneously discrediting Poland. The analyst believes this strategy is intended to limit international support for Ukraine in their conflict with Russia.

    “Poland’s alleged aggressive plans towards its neighbours not only serve to denigrate Poland, but also justify Russian actions in Ukraine,” Zaryn wrote. “Russia is presented as a defender and guarantor of the security of Ukraine and Belarus, which are increasingly threatened by hostile forces from, among others, Poland.

    Zaryn asserted that Russia is attempting to portray Poland’s efforts to modernise its armed forces as evidence of an aggressive agenda. This, he argues, is an attempt to misrepresent the country’s intentions.

    “Russian attempts to discredit Poland internationally by accusing Poland of aggressive plans towards its neighbours continue unabated,” he said. “Once again, Russia is using the modernisation of the Polish Army as ‘proof’ of Poland’s aggressive intentions.”

    Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Poland has accelerated the modernization of its military, making major weapons purchases from the United States and South Korea and building up its domestic arms production. The country is now well-equipped to defend itself against any potential aggression.


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