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    Polish Political Trust Ranking: Andrzej Duda Leads, Donald Tusk Faces Highest Distrust

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    In a recent survey conducted by CBOS (Public Opinion Research Center), President Andrzej Duda has retained his top position in the trust ranking of Polish politicians. However, it’s not all positive news, as the same survey reveals a stark contrast, with former Prime Minister Donald Tusk facing the highest level of distrust among respondents.

    President Andrzej Duda continues to enjoy the highest level of trust among Polish politicians, with 53 percent of respondents expressing trust in him. This marks a slight decrease of 1 percentage point from the previous month. Conversely, 35 percent of respondents expressed mistrust in the President, with no change noted in this regard.

    Morawiecki and Trzaskowski Share Second Place

    Sharing second place in terms of trust are Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, both garnering 41 percent of respondents’ trust. However, their positions have seen slight shifts, with Mayor Trzaskowski’s trust level increasing by 3 percentage points and Prime Minister Morawiecki’s trust level decreasing by 2 percentage points. Interestingly, both politicians face identical levels of mistrust, with 41 percent of respondents expressing doubt in them.

    Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense, secured the third position in the trust ranking, with 40 percent of respondents expressing trust in him, a 1 percentage point increase. Nevertheless, 36 percent of respondents indicated mistrust in the Minister, marking a 2 percentage point rise.

    Donald Tusk’s Dismal Trust Rating

    At the opposite end of the spectrum is Donald Tusk, who faces the highest level of distrust among all politicians surveyed. A staggering 57 percent of respondents do not trust him, while only 29 percent expressed trust in the leader of the Civic Platform (PO) party.

    The CBOS survey conducted in September 2023 paints a mixed picture of the trust levels among Polish politicians. While President Andrzej Duda continues to maintain the highest trust rating, figures for other prominent figures such as Donald Tusk highlight significant levels of distrust. These results reflect the ever-evolving political landscape in Poland and the varying degrees of confidence in its leaders.

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