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    Polish Prime Minister Unveils Third Referendum Query Concerning EU Migrant Relocation Scheme

    Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime Minister of Poland, has divulged that the forthcoming national referendum, scheduled to coincide with the general election on October 15, will feature a pivotal third question addressing the Polish public’s stance on the European Union’s initiative to enforce a migrant relocation strategy among its member nations.

    In a video message posted on social media this Sunday, Morawiecki outlined that the third question presented to voters in the referendum will read as follows: “Do you endorse the admission of numerous undocumented immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, as dictated by the enforced relocation mechanism established by the European administrative apparatus?”

    Emphasizing the Law and Justice (PiS) government’s longstanding opposition to the EU’s migrant redistribution plan, Morawiecki underscored their resolute stance against the scheme’s inception.

    The video montage featured archival clips illustrating the perspectives of Civic Platform (PO), the leading opposition party, regarding refugee redistribution.

    Former President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, stated in 2017: “Should the Polish government decide against partaking in this collective allocation of responsibilities concerning refugees, certain repercussions will inevitably follow.” Similarly, in 2015, then Deputy Foreign Minister Rafał Trzaskowski commented on refugee relocation, suggesting that “adoption of this measure and possibly aligning with the European Commission’s proposition will be necessary.”

    In response to these past statements, Morawiecki contended that “These politicians were willing to place the nation in jeopardy.”

    “Observable events across the streets of Western Europe, including instances of assault, homicide, arson, urban destruction, and regions fraught with terror, serve as cautionary tales—scenarios we are steadfast in avoiding in Poland,” he conveyed.

    Urging for unwavering support, he stated, “We resolutely reject illegal immigration.”

    As articulated by Morawiecki, “Tusk poses the most significant hazard… to Poland’s security.”

    “We must not permit Tusk, a representative of Brussels’ elite, to compromise Poland’s security,” he pressed.

    On the preceding Friday, Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of the PiS party and deputy prime minister, disclosed that the first query in the proposed national referendum will probe whether participants endorse the privatization of state-owned enterprises.

    Furthermore, Beata Szydło, a deputy leader of PiS, declared on Saturday that the second question will focus on public sentiment toward elevated retirement age.

    Initially devised as a referendum concerning the European Union’s prospective migration policy, the plebiscite is intended to encompass four inquiries, with the final query slated for release on Monday.

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