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    Polish Student Shines at International Mathematical Competitions

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    Konstanty Smolira, a student from Lublin, Poland, achieves remarkable success in international mathematics competitions, including the upcoming 64th International Mathematical Olympiad in Japan.

    Konstanty Smolira, a student from the Queen Jadwiga Private High School in Lublin, Poland, has emerged as a standout talent in the world of mathematics. Recently, he achieved a perfect score at a prestigious mathematics competition held in Beijing as a prelude to the 64th International Mathematical Olympiad. Smolira’s flawless performance on all the tasks set him apart as the only participant from outside China to achieve this feat.

    Impressive Team Performance and Individual Success

    In early July, the mathematical contest held in the capital of China marked the culmination of a two-week training camp leading up to the 64th International Mathematical Olympiad. In the team competition, the Polish team secured the third prize, sharing the honor with their Canadian counterparts, and trailing only behind the Chinese team. In the individual rankings, Konstanty Smolira from Lublin achieved the maximum score of 42 points, a feat matched only by seven Chinese contestants. This success adds to Smolira’s list of achievements, as he previously emerged victorious in the 11th European Mathematical Cup.

    Building on his remarkable achievements, Konstanty Smolira, along with five other representatives from Poland, is set to embark on the 64th International Mathematical Olympiad in Chiba, Japan. The prestigious competition gathers top mathematical talents from around the world to showcase their skills and compete for the coveted prizes. With Smolira’s exceptional track record, he is poised to make a strong impression and further enhance the reputation of Lublin’s mathematics prowess.

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