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    President Andrzej Duda Appoints New Members to State Electoral Commission

    President Andrzej Duda appointed new members to the State Electoral Commission, emphasizing its crucial role in maintaining Poland’s democratic system. The commission, comprising judges and individuals nominated by the Sejm, plays a vital role in ensuring the credibility of elections.

    Today President Andrzej Duda announced the appointment of key members to the State Electoral Commission (PKW). The newly appointed members include Mirosław Suski, Arkadiusz Pikulik, Konrad Składowski, Ryszard Balicki, Maciej Klis, Paweł Gieras, and Ryszard Kalisz. Their term in the PKW is set to commence on March 14th. As per the Electoral Code, the commission consists of one judge from the Supreme Administrative Court, one judge from the Constitutional Tribunal, and seven individuals appointed by the Sejm.

    Underlining the fundamental role of the State Electoral Commission, President Duda spoke during a ceremony at the Presidential Palace. He emphasized the commission’s responsibility in upholding and implementing democratic principles in Poland.

    Expressing gratitude to the PKW members for accepting their nominations, President Duda acknowledged the invaluable contribution of the commission to the democratic process.

    The State Electoral Commission’s composition reflects the provisions of the Electoral Code, where the tenure of judges from the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Tribunal in the PKW lasts for nine years. On the other hand, the mandate of Sejm-nominated members expires automatically 150 days after the parliamentary elections. President Duda’s remarks underscore the significance of the PKW in maintaining the democratic fabric of Poland, emphasizing the importance of its members’ commitment to ensuring transparent and credible elections.

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