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    President Duda Celebrates Three Seas Initiative Expansion with Greece, Moldova, and Ukraine

    Andrzej Duda, the President of Poland, expressed his enthusiastic support for Greece’s inclusion in the Three Seas Initiative, hailing it as a significant achievement. The formal green light for Greece’s membership came during the 8th Summit and Business Forum of the Three Seas Initiative held in Bucharest.

    Moldova and Ukraine were also welcomed as associate partners in the Three Seas Initiative, an organization dedicated to enhancing connectivity among 13 European Union member states situated around the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Seas.

    President Duda, in a joint press conference alongside other heads of state, emphasized the paramount significance of this summit’s outcomes. He proclaimed, “The success of this summit is epitomized by Greece’s accession to the Three Seas Initiative.”

    Highlighting the momentous occasion, President Duda remarked, “Greece has been granted full membership rights within the Three Seas Initiative as an official European Union member state. Equally noteworthy is the inclusion of Moldova and Ukraine as associate partners, both nations diligently pursuing their European Union aspirations.”

    Addressing the pressing geopolitical issues, Duda acknowledged, “The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the imperative to facilitate the delivery of essential goods to Ukraine underscore the critical importance of robust infrastructure connections in Central Europe. It underscores the indispensable nature of collaboration among our nations.”

    President Duda went on to reveal the substantial investments made by the Three Seas countries in recent years, stating, “Between 2018 and 2021, our member states collectively dedicated over EUR 80 billion to infrastructure projects alone. When we factor in investments in research and development, the cumulative figure rises to a staggering EUR 117 billion.”

    The accession of Greece and the partnership of Moldova and Ukraine signal a significant step forward for the Three Seas Initiative, reaffirming its commitment to fostering regional cooperation and infrastructure development in Europe.


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