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    Resolution Created to Defend Tusk? Rachoń on Media Resolution: Pure Lawlessness

    Politicians from the parliamentary majority, in a resolution concerning public media, accuse them of “attacks on Donald Tusk” and on Paweł Adamowicz, although the late president of Gdańsk was relentlessly criticized by Gazeta Wyborcza and politicians from the Civic Platform for years. – Pure lawlessness and a call to break the law – commented TVP journalist Michał Rachoń on the resolution.

    A parliamentary project Resolution on restoring legal order, impartiality, and reliability of public media and the Polish Press Agency (PAP) has been submitted to the Sejm. The representative of the applicants is MP Bogdan Zdrojewski (Civic Coalition). Politicians from the Civic Coalition, the Left, the Polish People’s Party, and Poland 2050 signed the project.

    In the justification, the signatories of the resolution project claim that public media, during the two previous terms of the Sejm, “lost their mission and role defined by law.”

    In a further excerpt, there is an accusation that public media – despite the result of the 2023 election – “continue an incessant campaign in favor of the previous political camp.”

    The authors of the project listed in the activities of public media “attacks on the current Prime Minister Donald Tusk, former President of the City of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz, judicial associations and individual members thereof, teachers, and the LGBTQ+ community.”, Michał Rachoń also pointed this out.

    “The resolution implies that because public media criticize the government, the political parties forming it, and its politicians, it is necessary to introduce an undefined ‘transitional period’ during which the government will take control of public media until ‘appropriate legislative solutions’ are implemented, about which there is not a word” – wrote the journalist on X.

    Furthermore, the justification contains a serious accusation against TVP, indirectly blaming public media for the tragedy in the family of a Civic Coalition MP.

    “Telewizja Polska S.A. is also responsible for disclosing information that allowed the identification of the victim of a pedophile, only to strike at the political opposition environment of the then Civic Coalition MP Magdalena Filiks, which ended in the tragic death of the MP’s son” – write the authors of the project.


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