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    Robert Makłowicz to Voice Krakow’s Public Transport Stops

    Renowned journalist, food critic, and writer Robert Makłowicz will soon be the voice behind the names of public transport stops in Krakow. In a recent social media announcement by Krakow’s Public Transport Authority (ZTP), Makłowicz urged passengers to “close the windows, as the air conditioning is on.” This teaser precedes the full rollout of his voice recordings in October 2024.

    A New Agreement and Project Launch

    The project aligns with a new contract between ZTP and the transportation company Mobilis, effective from 2024 to 2034. Starting this autumn, Makłowicz’s recordings will guide passengers on all Krakow buses and trams. However, in the surrounding areas, the current announcer, Damian Galon, will continue his role.

    Interestingly, Makłowicz offers his voice services for free, demonstrating his love for the city. The only expense incurred by the city is the rental cost of a professional recording studio, amounting to several hundred zlotys.

    Historical Context and Previous Initiatives

    This initiative follows earlier projects from the early 2000s when local celebrities like Anna Dymna, Grzegorz Turnau, and Krzysztof Globisz lent their voices to tram stops. This practice continued until 2012, when MPK employees took over the announcements to cut costs. Occasionally, children also announced stops, adding a charming touch to the city’s transport system.

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