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    Safety tips for observing bison

    Statistic data from 2021 shows that in Poland live 2429 bison, with 2223 animals living in free-range herds. How to observe them safely? Check out the following tips!

    Last year's inventory of bison in the Białowieża Forest showed 779 individuals. We wonder how it will be this year?🧐 Data on the number of European bison in Poland are annually transferred to the European Bison Pedigree Book, which is edited in the Białowieża National Park.

    Keep the distance!

    European bison are not aggressive towards people, but they can attack when they feel threatened.
    Keep a minimum distance of one hundred yards if you want to photograph bison.

    It’s also a good idea to stay in a safe place, such as in your car. Bison are capable of running over 30 miles an hour if need be.

    According to Interpretive Program Manager Lydia Austin from Custer State Park, you need to observe the bison’s behaviour to avoid being attacked:

    “If an animal changes its behaviour because of your presence. It stops eating, it looks at you. It’s watching you. You are too close. Back up from that animal.”

    she explains.

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