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    Saša Stanišić Wins Angelus Central European Literature Award

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    Saša Stanišić’s “Skąd” received the Angelus Award, its narrative portraying a Balkan war refugee’s journey to Germany and the impact of birthplace on one’s life. Translator Małgorzata Gralińska was also honored for bringing “Skąd” to Polish readers, emphasizing universal themes of resilience and self-discovery. Ukrainian author Tamara Duda was awarded the Natalia Gorbaniewska Award for “Córeczka,” a reflection on human emotions in challenging societal contexts.

    Silesius Poetry Award: Eloquent Verses and Poetic Mastery

    Piotr Sommer’s poetry in “Lata praktyki” earned him the Silesius Poetry Award, celebrated for his dedication to the art of words. Ivan Davydenko’s debut collection “Halal” was praised, and Joanna Mueller received the Silesius Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing her contributions to Polish literature.

    The joint celebration of Angelus and Silesius Awards in Wrocław underscored the region’s literary vibrancy, where powerful narratives and exquisite verses enrich the cultural tapestry of Central Europe.

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