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    Security guarantees are what Ukraine, CEE region need the most, says deputy minister

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    If anyone needs security guarantees it is Ukraine and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, a Polish deputy foreign minister said on Monday in reference to calls for such guarantees by Russia’s President Putin.

    Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, said on Saturday the West should consider how to respond to Russian calls for security guarantees if President Vladimir Putin agrees to negotiations aimed at ending the war in Ukraine.

    Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz told PAP on Monday that Russia is a “revisionist state,” adding that it was a threat to security and that “if anyone needs security guarantees, it is Ukraine and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe against the aggressive Russian policy.”

    The deputy minister expressed surprise at Macron’s words and pointed out that Moscow had shown no signs of readiness to negotiate. He added that any negotiations must be preceded by a Russian withdrawal.

    According to him, Macron’s approach would not build a lasting peace for the future and Russia would use any negotiations as a stalling strategy to restore its military and economic strength.

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