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    Series of exotic animals you can legally raise at home in Poland. Fennec fox

    Dogs, cats, and even hamsters are by far the most popular pets in Poland. However, many people prefer to challenge themselves and try to adopt an exotic and unusual animal. We present a list of exotic pets that can be extremely attractive choices for potential and adventurous breeders. However, one must keep in mind that these are creatures with extraordinary needs. Taking them home comes with a huge responsibility.

    Fennec fox is not only the smallest fox in the world, but also the smallest member of the canine family, and boasts the largest ears concerning the rest of its body.

    The ears of the desert fox are undoubtedly the most eye-catching, being as long as 10-15 cm.  Why are its ears so big? To hear better, of course – even a mouse moving underground – but also to protect against overheating, helped by their rich blood supply. This is of great importance because these foxes inhabit the northern part of Africa, mainly the Sahara and the Sinai Peninsula.

    They are found in areas from Morocco, through Egypt, to the Sinai Peninsula and Kuwait in the east and northern Nigeria in the south.

    Owning such a pet comes with various difficulties. Fennecs are very uncomfortable on a leash. They can get out of almost every collar. In a harness, they feel as if caught by a predator. Of course, you can’t let them loose, because you can’t count on their obedience.  As small, unusual-smelling creatures, they can be attacked by dogs.

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