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    Shots Fired Outside the Editorial Office of TV Republika – Assailant Arrested. Case Will Now Proceed to Court

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    A 35-year-old assailant was detained yesterday in the case of shots fired in the direction of a TV Republika employee. He was questioned as a witness and released. Later, the police reached a 15-year-old who was interrogated as a suspect. The case will now be dealt with by the court.

    Let us recall: A female employee of TV Republika was raked with gunfire on Monday afternoon. The woman was unhurt and the police immediately started identifying the assailant.

    The police quickly arrested a 35-year-old suspect and carried out procedures throughout the evening.

    Today, the portal has been provided with more information on the case by DCI Marta Sulowska of the Wola police station.

    “The 35-year-old suspect was questioned as a witness and released. No criminal charge has been brought against him,”

    she said.

    She stressed that “police officers continued to carry out activities that led to the 15-year-old”.

    “After gathering evidence, the infant was questioned as the assailant. He was charged with the offense of exposing to the immediate danger of serious bodily injury.

    she said.

    “At this point, we will forward the evidence to the Court’s Family and Juvenile Division. At the same time, we carry out procedures and gather the evidentiary material.”

    she added.

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