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    Special Guests on Danuta Holecka’s Show Tonight

    Tonight at 7:30 PM, Danuta Holecka will host a special segment on Telewizja Republika, featuring two prominent political figures. The guests for the evening include Ewa Zajączkowska-Hernik from the Konfederacja party and Radosław Fogiel from the ruling Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Law and Justice) party.

    Ewa Zajączkowska-Hernik, representing Konfederacja, is expected to bring insights from her party’s perspective on current political issues. Konfederacja is known for its nationalistic and libertarian views, often providing a counter-narrative to the mainstream political discourse.

    Radosław Fogiel, from Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, will likely discuss the latest government policies and initiatives. As a member of the ruling party, Fogiel’s insights will be crucial for understanding the current and future directions of Polish governance.

    This episode promises to deliver an engaging and informative discussion, offering viewers a chance to hear directly from key political players in Poland. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed on the latest political developments.

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