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    State-of-the-Art Observatories Unveiled at Silesian Planetarium

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    In a momentous ceremony, Silesian Planetarium has inaugurated two cutting-edge astronomical observatories. The event witnessed the presence of Marshal Jakub Chełstowski, Director Stefan Janta, and Deputy Director Damian Jabłeka. The newly revealed instruments include a 70 cm diameter optical telescope and a sophisticated radiotelescope.

    Marshal Jakub Chełstowski emphasized the significance of modernizing the Silesian Planetarium, dubbing it a cornerstone investment of the current local government term. The entire project, valued at 3.5 million PLN, was financed by the Silesian Voivodeship budget, symbolically marking the completion of the modernization process.

    Director Stefan Janta highlighted the transformative impact, stating that the observatories have propelled the facility into the 21st century, providing invaluable tools for both education and scientific research.

    Optical Observatory:
    The new PlaneWave CDK700 telescope boasts a 70 cm mirror, among the largest in Poland, facilitating scientific research and public access. Its world-class optics offer a vast field of view, unparalleled object precision, and excellent curvature maintenance, adaptable for both visual enthusiasts and scientific observations.

    Radio Observatory:
    The Primalucelab Spider 500A radiotelescope, with a 5m antenna, operates at a 21 cm wavelength, enabling observations of celestial bodies and mapping hydrogen distribution in the Milky Way’s spiral arms. Advanced amplification and dedicated software enhance its capabilities.

    The placement of such advanced research equipment in the light-polluted Silesian metropolitan area is considered a strategic move. The iconic astronomical telescope from 1955, now restored, is also on display.

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