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    Summary of the year 2022 – Poles are travelling again

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    The Polish hotel sector is recovering from the pandemic. Compared to 2019, the Arche Group’s revenues increased by several tens of per cent. Types of destinations which Poles chose in the past year will be discussed by participants in the webinar.

    “We are seeing that the need for face-to-face contact with other people and relationship building are becoming more and more important. We had a lot of conferences and company integrations,”

    Wladyslaw Grochowski, CEO of Arche Group, says.

    In addition, after the difficult months of the pandemic, people are increasingly escaping to the countryside in search of greenery and opportunities to commune with nature. 

    “Record-breaking occupancy rates were recorded by city hotels in Warsaw, due to business events, conferences, conventions, symposia, training and cultural events, including concerts, taking place in the capital. It was an exceptional year in this respect,”

    Wladysław Grochowski assesses.

    An important part of the Arche Group’s activities in 2022 was helping refugees from Ukraine. 

    “Out of the need of the heart and in the natural impulse of wanting to help our neighbour in need, we opened our 16 hotels for refugees from Ukraine on the very first day of the war (…) To this day, about 2.5 thousand people are staying in our facilities and the Lena Grochowska Foundation is adopting them to life in Poland,”

    the president of the Arche Group says.

    In March 2022, the Arche Group also patented the Arche® System. 

    “We are the only ones on the market to share all the profit generated by the hotel and the services it offers, i.e., accommodation, training, catering, etc., with investors every month. We are the Arche family,”

    CEO Grochowski points out.

    The company is currently working on a new investment system that will allow it to profit from investments of a smaller calibre than the purchase of an entire hotel suite.

    Poles are travelling again. A summary of the 2022 year in the hotel industry – the webinar will be broadcasted on December 13 on the PAP MediaRoom website

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