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    The Cutting-Edge Maritime Science Center in Szczecin

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    Szczecin’s Łasztownia Island is now home to the state-of-the-art Maritime Science Center (MCN) named after Professor Jerzy Stelmach. Explore the cutting-edge MCN in Szczecin and engage in interactive exhibits, planetarium shows, and maritime wonders.

    The center, the most advanced of its kind in Poland, was constructed for 162 million PLN, with 85% of the funding sourced from the EU. Resembling a docked ship, the three-level, 14-meter tall, and 122-meter long building houses over 200 interactive and multimedia exhibits that revolve around marine themes and nautical phenomena.

    The MCN offers five thematic zones, each catering to distinct aspects of maritime life. The “Full Steam Ahead” zone showcases ship design, propulsion systems, navigation, water properties, and their impact on vessels. The “Splash!” zone serves as a water playground with locks, sluices, pumps, and water cannons.

    The “Life at Sea” zone offers insights into seafaring professions, fishing, sailing, maritime traditions, and customs. Meanwhile, the “Marine Element” zone focuses on maritime safety, rescue equipment, emergency procedures, and the experience of being a castaway.

    In the “Which Way to Africa?” zone, visitors can learn about marine navigation, cartography, global shipping, and humanity’s influence on the oceans.

    As a captivating feature, the center boasts a spherical planetarium suspended from the building’s structure, featuring a 10-meter 8K resolution screen. Audiences can marvel at astronomical displays, popular science films, and journeys into space, the Earth’s interior, and ocean depths.

    At its grand opening, the MCN was praised for its mission to engage and educate the youngest visitors in maritime and scientific pursuits. The project’s development involved consultations with shipbuilders, sailors, scientists, teachers, and students. The center honors the legacy of Professor Jerzy Stelmach, an eminent astrophysicist and science communicator.

    Laid on Łasztownia Island’s foundation in October 2019, the MCN was initially intended as a branch of the National Museum in Szczecin. However, regional councilors decided in 2017 that it would stand as an independent cultural institution for the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

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