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    The government is not letting TV Republika journalists in. The Ombudsman intervenes

    Minister of Culture Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz and Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar have banned TV Republika journalists from press conferences.

    Both ministers are accused of breaking the law – the Minister of Culture illegally took over public media by sending a private security company there. The Minister of Justice unlawfully appointed a new National Prosecutor without the President of Poland’s consent as required by law. The opposition considers both ministers’ actions a coup d’état, and journalists from critical media outlets demand legal justification for the ministers’ actions at press conferences.

    The ministers refuse to answer such questions, so they only allow journalists from media supporting the new government into their press conferences. The Ombudsman Marcin Wiącek has demanded explanations from the ministers, emphasizing that the ban on TV Republika is a violation of press and constitutional rights to accurate information for citizens.

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