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    The Internal Security Agency (ABW) has identified another three suspects of collaborating with Russians

    Poland’s counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism agency – the Internal Security Agency (ABW) – has detained another three people on charges of collaborating with the Russian intel and security services.

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    On the order of the Russians, the suspects conducted intelligence activities against Poland and prepared acts of subversion.

    The prosecutor’s office has charged all nine with spying for Russia and taking part in organized crime. The detainees are foreigners of eastern (east of Poland’s borders) origin. Six of them have already been remanded in custody.

    The “spy ring” used secretly placed cameras to monitor the railway infrastructure in Poland used to supply military equipment to Ukraine. The suspects would also prepare acts of subversion aimed at paralyzing the deliveries of equipment, weapons, and aid to this war-stricken country. At the scene, the officers of the ABW secured cameras, electronic devices, as well as GPS trackers that the suspects had been planning to place on the transports bound for Ukraine.

    The ABW has evidence that the suspects had been paid by the Russian special services on an ongoing basis. For their intelligence activities, the spy ring members would be regularly rewarded. In order to cover up their actions, the suspects would keep a low profile.

    The ABW is conducting extremely dynamic investigative actions, collecting new evidence as it emerges and checking facts.

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