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    The tallest building in Łódź in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    The tallest building in Łódź has been transferred to the popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Firstly, Hi Piotrkowska was mapped and transferred virtually in the form of 57 unique textures, and then transferred to CS:GO by the ERBUD Group in cooperation with the Gameset agency. The author of the project is Mateusz Voxel Pacuła, one of the most popular mappers in Poland.

    Gamers from Łódź will surely enjoy this news

    Hi Piotrkowska is the tallest building in Łódź, which can now also be admired in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The project was moved by the ERBUD Group in cooperation with the gaming and metaverse marketing agency Gameset. This is part of the long-term activities carried out by the ERBUD company in Esports and gaming, consisting in transferring flagship projects implemented by ERBUD to the popular FPS game.

    Pacuła wanted to arrange well-known locations of the building for the gameplay. On the basis of photos, videos and projections, he created a combination of the most characteristic spaces, such as the office part, terraces, restaurant and gym.

    The first three locations are distinguished by the fact that they offer an amazing view of the entire city. The gym is the focal point of the facility.

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